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Exhausted, said Tillie. My back is broke, I complained. I'm gonna sleep like a baby tonight. We should check on the barn one more time. I need to go, said Tillie. I looked over and saw the tears rolling down her face. I can't look at this anymore. She turned around and left the barn. When we arrived back at the house we found the interior filled with movement from the injured soldiers and the medics tending to them. There was no escape from this war and the effects of it at this point. Pots of beef tea made from boiling imobiliare bucuresti thin slices of meat were being brought up from the basement to be handed out to the patients. This imobiliare bucuresti was to help stimulate their appetite. What's wrong, Miss imobiliare bucuresti Tillie? the army chaplain asked when he noticed her tear-stained face. Why have you been crying? Tillie wiped her face with her dirty arm. I'm sorry, Father. It's just so dreadful seeing all these boys like this. I had no idea that war would be so awful. Awful, it is. But you must keep good cheer. It will benefit both you and the soldiers. It's important for them to see you smiling because it will help them. Are you sure, Father? she asked. I don't see how. I'm positive. Help the medics if you can, and keep your spirits up. Your presence will mean so much to these poor lads. That night, Tillie and I crammed into the small master bedroom with Mrs. Weikert and the three Schrivers. Mrs. Weikert's husband, Jacob, had chosen to sleep outside to allow the women some privacy. He was a soft-spoken man in his late fifties with good manners, but he was a hard worker. His father had bought this house several years earlier, but Jacob had helped build some of the improvements himself. Since our cots were being used as hospital beds, Tillie and I slept on rugs that were rolled out on the hardwood floor. The family had surrendered the rest of the house to the medics, and once the Think it possible cannons in the distance had gone quiet late in the night we were finally imobiliare bucuresti able to fall asleep. July 2 -- ZAMMIE I quickly learned (or was reminded of) the various musical commands our little band was meant to give the troops. The days began with a simple bugle